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We'd love to have you on our team. Here are a few (but not all) of the positions we are currently hiring for. To learn more about all open positions within the City of Palo Alto and the Junior Museum & Zoo, please visit the City of Palo Alto Careers page (link below).

Instructor, Junior Museum & Zoo (Instructor II-H)


Under limited supervision, prepares classes, programs and camp curriculum, presents classes and field trips and provides assignments to Instructor Aides and volunteers.  Requires previous teaching experience.  Requires in-depth knowledge of the disciplines to be taught.  Two years of experience equivalent to that of an Instructor I.  May require lifting up to 15 pounds.

This is an SEIU Hourly (limited-benefits) position that is budgeted to not exceed 1,000 hours per fiscal year. The number of hours per week and schedule will be determined based on assignment.

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JMZ Facility Attendant (Recreation Leader III)


Weekend Facility Rental and Birthday Party Facilitators are wanted to assist with rentals and science themed parties for children, ages 3 – 11.  Science parties include hands-on science lessons in zoology, early physics and chemistry, so some experience working with children in an education capacity is required. An interest, educational track, or professional track in science or science teaching is preferred.  Must love working with the public, especially children.  

Hours per week:  4 to 16
Work schedule:  Up to every Saturday and Sunday, between the hours of 10 a.m. and 5 p.m.  
Occasional evening work also required.  

This is a Limited Hourly non-benefited position and not to exceed 415 hours per fiscal year (July - June).  The number of hours per week and schedule will be determined based on the assignment.

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Zoological Assistant

Job Opportunity
The City of Palo Alto is looking to fill various part-time opportunities at our brand new Junior Museum & Zoo Building as part of the City's Community Services Department. Individuals in these positions will serve as Zoological Assistants to the Curator (Produce Arts and Sciences) and is responsible for maintaining excellence in all aspects of the care and welfare of the animal collection and associated landscape plants (50 species and 200 specimens).  The animal collection includes, but is not limited to arthropods, marine and fresh water invertebrates and fish, amphibians, reptiles, birds, and mammals. Main responsibilities include all aspects of the daily care of the collection of exotic and domestic animals, as well as:

  • Actively working to engage each child’s curiosity for science and nature; 
  • Providing for the husbandry, including cleaning and feeding of animals in a fashion that encourages naturalistic behaviors while enhancing the well-being of the animals through specific enrichment programs;
  • Training animals for the health management of the entire collection as well as regularly scheduled demonstrations;
  • Participating with the monitoring and maintaining the established criteria for life support, including temperature and water chemistry.

Job Requirements
All applicants must meet these requirements:  

  • Educational Requirement: biological sciences, agriculture, natural resource management, chemistry, or related disciplines appropriate to the position, OR a combination of education and experience: Courses equivalent to a major, as shown above, plus appropriate experience or additional education.

  • Specialized Experience: In addition to meeting the educational requirement above, applicants must have specialized experience. For this position, specialized experience is defined as applying biological facts, principles, methods, techniques and procedures necessary for the care, study and management of living, captive and exotic animals.  Specifically, specialized experience refers to knowledge and experience in animal training, maintenance of aquatic life support systems, and/or horticultural practices.  
    • Experience refers to paid and unpaid experience, including volunteer work done through service programs (e.g., Peace Corps, AmeriCorps) and other organizations (e.g., professional; philanthropic; religious; spiritual; community, student, social). Volunteer work helps build critical competencies, knowledge, and skills and can provide valuable training and experience that translates directly to paid employment. You will receive credit for all qualifying experience, including volunteer experience. 

  • Or special needs educational experience: Two full years in the practice of educating students with special educational needs in a way that addresses their individual differences, or related disciplines related to this position may be substituted to meet the experience requirements.


  • Or a Combination: Educational and animal care experience may be combined to meet the educational and experience requirements.

Pre-employment and Other Requirements:

  • Pass Pre-employment Background Check;
  • TB Test;
  • Complete a Probationary Period;
  • California Driver’s License.   
  • Immunizations to guard against zoonotic diseases and is subject to regular medical screening.

Physical Demands: The work requires long periods of standing, walking over rough terrain, and crouching, reaching, and lifting items up to 60 pounds.

Working Conditions: Much of the work is outdoors or within support buildings. There is a variety of weather conditions, and there may be exposure to temperature and humidity extremes, animal pathogens and irritants. The incumbent is exposed to bites, scratches, and animal waste, and may be exposed to animal parasites and zoonotic diseases. Part of the work is carried out in a typical office environment. Incumbent may travel to meetings and conferences and on animal shipments. Incumbent will be scheduled to work on some weekends and holidays.

This is an SEIU Hourly (limited-benefits) position that is budgeted to not exceed 1,000 hours per fiscal year. The number of hours per week and schedule will be determined based on assignment. 



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