The Palo Alto Junior Museum & Zoo provides high-quality science education for kids through afterschool programs, summer camps, classroom lessons, field trips, and more. 


Our Philosophy

At the Palo Alto Junior Museum & Zoo, our mission is to engage a child’s curiosity for science and nature.  In support of this mission, we embrace the educational philosophy that excellent experiences:

  • Provide children with the opportunity to learn about their world through hands-on inquiry and investigation using: 1) real scientific tools and equipment; 2) objects, live animals, artifacts and biofacts; and, 3) modeling of scientific phenomena.

  • Engage multiple senses and encourage kinesthetic learning.

  • Allow children to interpret and document their discoveries through a variety of modes of self-expression. 

  • Pair students with adults who can communicate a passion for their subject-matter, serve as positive adult role models, and get kids excited about learning. 

  • Support a variety of learning styles, multiple intelligences and special needs.

This philosophy guides everything we do and contributes to the high-quality science education kids experience through JMZ programs.