Association of Children's Museums Reciprocal Benefits

If you are a member of another ACM (Association of Children’s Museums) museum with reciprocal benefits you can qualify for a 50% discount on our ticket price. Please note: advanced reservations and tickets are required. Please do the following to receive this discount:


Application Process

Step 1.Create an Enjoy Online account

Go to Enjoy! Online to create your account.


Step 2.Provide proof of program eligibility

Email a copy of your membership card with ACM reciprocal membership to

Your membership card must include your name, expiration date, name of originating membership institution.


Step 3.Wait for your confirmation email

We'll email you within 72 hours once your account has been flagged for the $5 ticket price. The words ACM Reciprocal Membership will be in the subject line of your email.


Step 4.Purchase your ticket through Enjoy Online 

The price you will be charged is $5.  When tickets load into your cart they will be $10 but at checkout they will go to $5 each.


For a list of ACM reciprocal facilities please visit: