Discounted Tickets

This program is eligible to low-income families or families with members who have disabilities. Tickets may only be purchased for those living in the same household at the same address.


How to Apply

Step 1.Create an Enjoy Online account

Go to Enjoy! Online to create your account.  

Step 2.Provide proof of program eligibility

Present one of the following documents via email to or in-person at the Junior Museum.

  • EBT, WIC, BIC, Medicaid, Medical, or CA Healthy Families membership card
  • Enrollment confirmation paperwork from Kaiser MFA, Kaiser Community Health Care, or the Free and Reduced-Price Lunch Program.  
  • It is not necessary to provide proof of disability

Step 3.Wait for a confirmation email

We will send you an email from indicating that your account has been flagged to receive this benefit.

Step 4.Purchase your discount tickets

You can now purchase tickets through Enjoy Online. You will be charged the discounted fee of $3.